Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My blog has been added to the http://www.quiltqua.com/ website... check out their site- there are lots of links to quilting related blogs, patterns, tutorials, and such.

This quilt is a good example of what the Intelliquilter can do. The "here kitty" border was a purchased pattern- I had this quilt in mind when I found the pattern. I separated out the kitty, and repeated that in the border corners.

This is a baby quilt I made lately- found this fun car fabric at The Crafty Corner in Worthington. Thought it would be great for a boy's quilt. I used the square spiral quilting pattern on it.
Those corner blocks ended up too small, so I had to improvise & add the tiny white border to make everything work out. A nice happy accident- I like how the second white border looks.
In January I added an Intelliquilter to my longarm machine. The Intelliquilter is a computerized system that has a touch screen mounted to the head of th longarm, and drive motors attached on the rails of the longarm. After you set up what pattern you want on the quilt, & tell it where to put it & how big it should be, the Intelliquilter actually moves the machine head & stitches out the design. Here are a few pictures of the first customer quilt I did with the new IQ. Are those snails just the cutest thing?

The Intelliquilter can record patterns that I create, or there are hundreds & hundreds of digital patterns for sale online. There are so many new exciting patterns to try- it's hard to decide which one to use. One of my favorite designers right now is Anne Bright- check out here website & click on "digital patterns" to see some great patterns available for your quilts. If you click on the "edge 2 edge" designs, there are about 20 pages of patterns available.

This is a border from a quilt I did lately, with Anne Bright's pattern called "Jamaica." It is one of my favorites.

I see I haven't posted since December.... oops. I guess things got a little busy.

Here's a quilt that I finished lately... doesn't this quilt have delicious fabrics in it? This quilt got stitch-in-the-ditch around all the pieces, and lots of creative quilting in all those diamond points. It was fun once I got started. The biggest hurdle was getting it loaded & just taking that first stitch.