Saturday, October 8, 2011

custom quilt

This sampler quilt was custom quilted- I used some freehand designs along with some Intelliquilter designs.  The applique was outlined with monofilament thread. 

Winter Wonderland quilt

All of that embroidery is done by hand- wow!  I did a swirly design in the center of the quilt, and some custom designs in the blocks around the outer border area.  I added some snowflake designs in the plain white areas of the outer border- white on white stitching always looks so nice. 

Embroidered baby quilt

Isn't the machine embroidery on the quilt so cute?  Each letter of the alphabet has a cute teddy bear with it.  I used a fan pattern to accent each block, and some hearts in the border, along with some freehand wavy lines in the sashing. 

Oops, this picture ended up side-ways, sorry......