Friday, December 20, 2013

Two French Braid quilts

This French Braid quilting design seems to be popular.  I worked on two of these recently- fun to see how different fabric choices can really make the same pattern look very different.  The first one is black + brights, very fun for a kids quilt.  I used the Pizzazz pattern for this quilt, with variegated brights thread.
The other one had cool blues & whites for fabrics.  I used the August Rain pattern for that one.

Lillies in the Water

This is a pretty quilt, with some gold metallic highlights in the fabrics.  I used a new pattern- Lillies in the water for this quilt.

Here's a bold, bright strip quilt, I used a pattern called "Chevron" for this one.  It's a geometric pattern that has some repeating straight lines & circles in a Chevron pattern.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Patriotic Flag quilt

Here is a patriotic log cabin quilt.  I custom quilted this one.  It has a neat bargello flag in the center area.  I put a star/wave pattern in the diagonal white area. 

Christmas wallhanging

Recently I made the cover quilt from this book "Home for the Holidays".  I tried to pick fabrics very similar to the pattern, as I really liked their color combinations.  
I used a fusible web on the appliqué, and a tiny zig-zag stitch with clear monofilament thread on the raw edges of the appliqué pieces.  

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Quick gift- dump truck pillow

Sharing with you a picture of a pillow I made for a new baby.  Some scraps of denim + some scraps of homespuns + a little fusible interfacing = a cute pillow.  I started with a square of denim, and added some outer pieces like a big, chunky log cabin block.  Just made a quick sketch of a dump truck, and some lettering for the name.  Ironed them on & did a satin stitch around the outside, so it's washable.  I have a case of 16" pillow forms that I got a long time ago, so I used one of those.  The denim part has a zipper in the back, so the cover can be taken off & washed.  I think it turned out cute for a boy.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Two more quilts

Here's a patriotic quilt that I pieced... quilted with crosshatching through all the squares in the body of the quilt, and a star/wave pattern in the borders.  Also echoed the triangle border.

And, here's a cute panel quilt, with Minkee on the back.  It's quilted with the "Here Comes the Sun" pattern- which is a cute pattern for kids quilts- clouds & sun.  

Patriotic quilt

This patriotic quilt received some custom quilting.  I had a star/wave pattern that worked well to surround some blocks, and cross-hatching in the panel with words.  Also outlined the stars & added some meandering in the red areas after echoing the embroidered stars.  

Embroidered quilt

This quilt was made as a reproduction of an old quilt.  The piecer had a quilt made by her mother (I think!), but it was wearing out, so she traced the embroidery pattern & made a new quilt to match the old one.  I thought this was a neat way to preserve the quilt.  I put a block design in the pink areas, and some corner patterns to surround the wreath embroidery.  

Snowball quilt

Here's a pretty snowball quilt that I quilted in August.  I put a block design in the snowball blocks, and some diagonal straight lines in the 4-patch blocks, and a coordinating border design.  Quilter's Dream cotton was used in this quilt.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 This fun sampler quilt top was quilted using the "Alex" pattern.  It's a nice swirly pattern that helps offset the sharp points of the piecing.

And this quilt top was quilted using the Carpet Scrolls pattern.  It's also a swirly type pattern that has a large repeat.  It's ornate looking & goes well on large quilts.  This quilt top was a king-size top, and so it really worked out well on this one.
 A view of the back, where the quilting shows up better:

freehand paisley pattern

This "Starburst" quilt was done hand-guided doing an echoed paisley pattern.  My hand-guided quilting is usually more dense than the computerized quilting.  It was just what the customer requested- it's very similar to how the pattern quilt was done.  Here's a link to the pattern if you'd like to make one too:

This two-color top was quilted using the "Growing Things" pattern, using white thread.  
I enjoy looking at two-color quilts, with the high contrast between the pieces- visually they are very striking.  But, I am not sure I would have enough patience to acutally piece one.  I fear I would get bored halfway through piecing the same block with the same fabrics & I would never finish it.  Maybe some day I will attempt one.

A quilt for me

A quilt for me!  I made this from scraps & leftovers from other projects.  It's hanging on the wall in our house now.  I quilted it with baptist fans, and really like how that turned out. I added the braided border to the outside, and like the effect of that.