Wednesday, January 28, 2015

new patterns

New patterns available:

t-shirt quilt

A t-shirt quilt made using a random, modern layout.  The shirts are cut in different sizes, to accomodate the grahics, and the solid parts of the shirts are used between them.  This a completely different look from the tradional layout.  Quilted with a meander pattern.

t-shirt quilt

A t-shirt quilt with the shirts set in vertical rows, and sashing strips between rows.  This is a good layout for 26 shirts, 4 rows of 6 shirts each.  Quilted using the Honeycomb pattern.

Traditional layout t-shirt quilt

A t-shirt quilt with a traditional layout.  The red cornerstone blocks add a nice touch of color between shirts, along with the black sashing pieces.  It's quilted using the "Bayside" pattern.  

Minecraft quilt

I made this quilt for my junior-high age son.  Super fast to put together- used 5.5" squares.  I quilted it with a zig-zag pattern.
For those of you that don't have kids in school, Minecraft is a computer game that is popular right now that  uses blocks to build things.  The black blocks on the quilt look like a character in the game.

panel quilt

This panel quilt was quilted using the "Champagne Bubbles" pattern.  I thought it looked like bubbles in the water with the fish in the panel.