Wednesday, September 5, 2012

new pattern

A new pattern available: called "In the Moment" designed by Anne Bright.  This is a fun pattern that looks a bit like blowing wind, or swirling bubbles.

it was a busy summer

I've had a busy summer, taxi-ing the kids around to activities, gardening, and just enjoying the short Iowa summer months.  Any day over 80* is a good one in my book, and we did have alot of good days here this summer.  I was doing some of this:

Now, the kids are back to school, and I've been at a more regular schedule in the quilt studio.  I did quilt during the summer, but only limited hours.  I must have not taken many pictures that I can find, but here a few things I worked on.  A couple very cute embroidered quilts:

And a very bright, fun dinosaur quilt- quilted with the Triangles pattern with bright, variegated thread: