Friday, December 20, 2013

Two French Braid quilts

This French Braid quilting design seems to be popular.  I worked on two of these recently- fun to see how different fabric choices can really make the same pattern look very different.  The first one is black + brights, very fun for a kids quilt.  I used the Pizzazz pattern for this quilt, with variegated brights thread.
The other one had cool blues & whites for fabrics.  I used the August Rain pattern for that one.

Lillies in the Water

This is a pretty quilt, with some gold metallic highlights in the fabrics.  I used a new pattern- Lillies in the water for this quilt.

Here's a bold, bright strip quilt, I used a pattern called "Chevron" for this one.  It's a geometric pattern that has some repeating straight lines & circles in a Chevron pattern.