Monday, February 18, 2013

Eagle quilt

This beautiful eagle quilt received a custom treatment....  This was quilted last year, but I came across the pictures today & thought I would share the photo's.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Transportation quilt

One of the cutest boys' quilts I've seen.  I just love all of the different applique vehicles on this quilt- each block different & unique.  And there are lots of fun details on all of them- some embroidery & such.
Some little boy is going to love this quilt for years to come- what a treasure!
I would love to make this quilt, but not sure if I would have the patience to make all those different blocks.

 Isn't the tow truck pulling the little car too cute?

Sampler quilt

I did a custom treatment on this sampler quilt.  Each block was quilted differently- using alot of straight line and echo quilting.  It was fun to quilt each block differently & challenging to think of what would work to complement each block.

New pattern- Garden Path

This batik quilt was quilted using a new all-over pattern I designed called Garden Path....

 A view of the whole quilt... made using strips of batik fabrics:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Binding services

Do you hate to do the binding, and wish your quilt was completely finished when you got it back from long-arming?  I can do that!  I offer binding services- you provide the yardage, and I will make & apply the binding on your quilt.
There are two options for this:  I can sew the binding to the front of the quilt by machine, and you can do the hand-stitching to the back.  Add up all the sides of your quilt & multiply by .05 to get the price.  For example, a 72 x 90 quilt would be $16.20 for front-only binding.
Or, I can do a complete binding, for .075/running inch.  So, a 72 x 90 quilt would be $24.30 for a complete binding.  Your quilt would be completely finished with this option.
Just bring the yardage along with your quilt, and I will do the rest.  If you aren't sure how much fabric you will need, I can help you with that.
Add up all the sides of your quilt and divide by 40.  Round up to the next number and multiply by 2.5.  This will give you the amount needed for your binding.  In the 72 x 90 quilt example, 72 + 72 + 90 + 90= 324.  324 divided by 40 = 8.1, round up to 9.  Then take 9 times 2.5, and get 22.5.  This is how much fabric you'd need to buy to send along for me to make your binding.  It would be best to add a few extra inches to that number, in case the cut edges are not straight, just for insurance.