Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quilter's Dream Wool

Quilter's Dream Wool batting is now available.  I have a 25-yard roll available & I'm offering this at a low price of $11.00/yard until it's gone.  If you've ever been interested in trying wool in a quilt, it's now available.

I haven't used wool very often, but when I have I've found that it makes for a very soft quilt.  It has a bit more loft that the Quilter's Dream cotton, but it's not super thick.  If you'd like to see a sample of it, just let me know & I will stick a sample piece in the mail & send it your way.

Here's some information about the QD wool batting, from their website:

Dream Wool is made with a Scoured and Super Washed Domestic & Fine Merino Wool that has been blended, carded, crosslapped & thermally bonded.*  The wool is scoured and super-washed for superior cleanliness and to eliminate shrinkage.  Quilters Dream's unique processing creates wool batting with exceptionally soft drape, uniformity and strength.   Dream Wool is a beautifully consistent batting that is truly a 'cut above'.  
  • May be Machine Washed and Dried without Shrinkage.
  • Confidently stitch up to 8 inches apart.  Dreamy to Quilt.  No Scrim or Resins to Resist Your Needles.
  • Light, Luxurious and Wonderfully Warm with a Lovely Soft Loft that Beautifully Accentuates your Quilting.
  • Resistant to Creases and and Naturally Resilient Dream Wool Springs Back to its Original Loft.
  • Quilters Dream Wool is Exceptionally Durable, Rich and Resilient Ensuring that Your Quilts will be Treasured for Generations.
  • Dreamy for Hand and Machine Quilting.  Also Excellent for Tied Quilts.
  • Ideal Mid Loft for all Your Quilted 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

machine applique quilt

This is a beatiful machine embroidery/applique quilt.  It has such vibrant colors, and the black fabric really sets those off & make the colors stand out.
I outlined & echoed all the embroidery- this was done freehand, as was the continuous curve quilting in the small triangle border.  I also added the double leaf shapes with the Intelliquilter.

two embroidered quilts

Customers often bring in hand-embroidered quilts... seems like each one is different & I haven't seen the same set of blocks yet.  There must be alot of cute patterns out there- you know, the pre-printed ones that have the blue ink that washes out when you are done?  

Here are two of them that I worked on lately.  The first one I did an all-over pattern on, called Double Bubble.  

And, this one I did a more custom treatment on... I outlined the boys, and added a frame around each one to fill in the white area.  Also designed a simple fish pattern to go around the outside in the blue border.