Monday, June 28, 2010

Double Wedding Ring

I've been longarm quilting for over 7 years, and this is the first double wedding ring quilt that I've gotten to work on. These aren't exactly in the fast piecing category. Wow- no straight seams anywhere. This quilts' destination is a wedding present- I'm sure it will be loved for years to come.

I stitched in the ditch around all the pieces, and then used the Intelliquilter to set in the designs in the tan areas. There are over 300 individual motifs, and I was so glad to have the computer to help me out with that!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A wedding shower game

I hosted a wedding shower here at my house a week ago, and had made these little fabric flowers for a shower game. Each flower had a question tied to it, things like, "where did you go on your honeymoon?" or "where were you when your husband proposed to you?" Each lady took a flower, and we each had a turn to answer our question. It was fun to hear everyone's answers. Some of us had been married only a few years, and others for 50 years.

I was inspired by a tutorial for the fabric flowers from a blog called Polka Dot Pineapple. She has all kinds of fun tutorials on her blog. The flowers were fun to make & a nice way to use up some smaller scraps I had on hand.

I love summer!

Finally, the weather is hot today, little C & I spent some time outside picking some things out of the garden. We picked snow peas, raspberries, a green pepper, and got 3 eggs from the chicken coop. It's so much fun to see all the garden plants start to grow & develop & start picking some of the produce. We've already picked quite a bit of red & green lettuce, and tons of strawberries. Yum! Wouldn't it be great if fresh fruits & vegetables were available all year round?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

quilt pictures

Here is a beautiful Carpenter's Star quilt- I love the colors in this quilt, it would look right at home at my house. :-) This looks like a quilt that would go together fast, using 1/2 square triangles. We decided on the Monsera quilting pattern.

And here's a cute quilt using the Flower Power pattern, I thought this was just perfect with the daisy fabric in the quilt.

website with free patterns

Have you been to yet? It's full of free quilt patterns & tons of pictures, I go there all the time for inspiration. She has all kinds of ideas for using scraps & making beautiful quilts. I've been trying to use up some of the fabric that I have already & not buy more for a while. Here are two quilts that I've made already using her free patterns:
Here's the pattern link for this one :
This goes together very fast, it was a fun quilt. I just made a baby size- with the borders it measures 40" square. This is just the quilt top, I haven't quilted it yet.

And here's the link for this pattern :
I oriented the blocks differently that her quilt- I made them all follow a big diamond shape, since the quilt is not so bit. Go to here website, and you can see all different pictures of how others have put this quilt together.

I used the "Bubbles" pattern to quilt this- I think this is such a fun pattern. Here's the back showing the quilting detail.