Sunday, July 5, 2009

New IQ pattern images

Some of you have asked lately if I have pictures online of the patterns I have available with the Intelliquilter. I've attempted that this weekend. Here on my blog you should find pictures of all the current over-all patterns. You can look at the categories on the right-hand side bar in the blog- you should see categories like "IQ Patterns- Floral" or "IQ Patterns- Geometric", and click on those links. It should bring you directly to the post with those pattern images. Keep in mind that these pictures are not all at the same scale, and can be sized bigger or smaller when it comes to actually quilting it out.
I hope this helps you pick out the pattern you'd like on your next quilt. I am often adding new ones, and will try my best to keep it updated. Let me know if there is a certain kind of pattern that you'd like, but don't see here, and I'll be glad to see what I can do to find one.

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