Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New pattern

I've just designed a new pattern.... just in time for the coming winter months! I hope the snow holds off for a while! I needed a mitten pattern for a quilt that was here, and just couldn't find what I wanted. So, as they say, neccessity is the mother of invention, and so I designed my own. It works great as an all-over pattern, or a border.

Remember that all the IQ patterns can be re-sized larger or smaller. The pictures I show here are just a section of the pattern. Some quilters like a more open design, so I can stitch out the design larger. Like in the mitten pattern, the mittens would actually stitch out at about 6" high, but that can be changed.

1 comment:

The Topf Family said...

Cute pattern! Very appropriate for wintery quilts!