Friday, January 7, 2011

quilt labels

If you are like me, you put off making labels for your quilts, and sometimes it just doesn't get done.  Now, I can make labels with my embroidery machine, and really speed things up.  Here's a sample of a label.  I haven't trimmed it to size yet, or added any other embroidery, you can get an idea of how the lettering would look.

If you'd like a label made for your next quilt, let me know.  I could apply it to your backing before or after it's quilted.  Just let me know the personalization you want. 

I can also personalize the front of your quilt, too.  If you'd like the recipient's name or other message.  Here's a little sample on a scrap-

If you'd like this done on your quilt, let me know the color & placement of the word(s) you'd like. 

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By Hoki Quilts said...

what a lovely idea. I tend to make a sample block before I start a quilt and end up using that as my label - but I must remember the embroidery machine trick.