Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two quilts done in June

These beautiful quilts were pieced by Alvina R.  This first one is a sampler, and I used the "Gala Vine" pattern on it.  I love how this viney pattern give so much texture to the quilt, without distracting from the various pieced blocks.  I love the colors in this quilt... I've always admired sampler quilts, I really should make one myself. 

She also piece this strippy quilt, and I did some custom quilting on this one.  I used a braid pattern in the plain strips, and a square feather wreath in the blocks.  The wreath had an open section in the center, and so I filled that in with a star pattern that I made up, to mimic the pieced star section.  I think it makes a fun little unexpected detail in the center.  The braid pattern was repeated in the outer border. 

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