Sunday, September 18, 2011

Batik French Braid quilt

This batik French Braid quilt was very fun to work on.  All the quilting is done freehand on this one.  The customer had pictures of this quilt, I think it was hanging in a quilt shop where she bought the pattern?  Anyway, she wanted it  quilted similar to the one she had seen in the shop.  I use the Intelliquilter for quite a few of the all-over designs that I offer, and so having the opportunity to do this freehand work was fun for a change. 

The outer border has a ferny design, and some swirly lines going down each of the braid sections.  The center of each braid has fern wreath design, and a fun little design in the sashing.  The thread color "camel" was used throughout, and it really stands out on the sashing & adds alot of texture & pattern to the solid dark blue/purple there. 

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Its looking awesome!! I just love this great look.. Thanks for sharing Braid quilt.
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