Monday, November 28, 2011

Autumn table runner

Here is an Autumn table runner- the customer requested custom quilting on this one, so here are some pictures of what I did.  This is a picture of the runner before I started:

...and this is after.  I did some block & border designs, and then I was stumped on what to do in those lighter triangle areas.  I finally came up with the idea to do some freehand designs that echo the leaves in the print of the other fabrics.  Since these are freehand, each on is similar, but just a little bit different.  I quilted over each line 3 times, to give it almost an "embroidered" look.  I usually use a matching thread for most quilting, but here I used a couple shades darker than the fabric to really make it stand out & look like embroidery. 

1 comment:

Carol B said...

Wow, those leaves look perfect for the area. Great choice!