Tuesday, May 27, 2014

T-shirt quilts

T-shirt quilts seem to be gaining more popularity every year.  I worked on quite a few of them this spring for graduations- some that I just quilted, and some that I pieced the top also.

This one was one that I pieced & quilted for a customer.  I like the random layout.  This is quilted with the square spiral pattern.  I used tan fleece on the back.

This quilt was a customer quilt, I just did the quilting, using the Bayside pattern.  I usually like to keep the quilting pattern more simple, so it doesn't distract from the shirt emblems.  This quilt has a more traditional straight layout.  The red cornerstones are striking with the black sashing.

This next quilt is also a straight layout, quilted with the Saturn Swirls pattern.

And this quilt was quilted with a free-hand custom design.  Each block was quilted differently, going around the image on the shirt.

And lastly, this one is set in vertical rows.  It's quilted with the Honeycomb pattern.

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