Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kite quilt

Isn't this a cuite quilt? It was the customer's first quilting project, can you believe it? It turned out so well with the brightly colored kites & just right blue for the background. She wanted the quilting to look like "wind", and so we decided upon doing a freehand swirly windy looking pattern. I was happy with the outcome.
It's hard to pick, but I think my favorited color combination is the yellow/gray kite.


Cathy said...

I have wanted to make this quilt for years! I have not been able to find the "perfect" blue yet.

She did a fantastic job with the piecing and your windy quilting is marvelous!

Leigh said...

So very cute!!!

rluvsgreen said...

This quilt is so cute -- great job! I love the wind pattern.

My grandmother made this quilt for my niece several years ago and I've been looking for the pattern. Does anyone know the name and where I'd be able to get it? I appreciate your help. Thank you!