Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feathered Star quilt

I'm starting a feathered star quilt.... I've always wanted to make a feathered star, and came across a pattern that I had saved out of an old quilting magazine quite a long time ago.

The feathered sections are paper-pieced- I wouldn't attempt this any other way. The little triangles are less than an inch wide. It really went together easier than I had expected. The magazine pattern showed a full-size quilt with 9 or 12 of these blocks (they're 18 inches square), but I think I am just going to show case the one block in a small wall-size quilt.

It was a fun challenge- lots of "Y" seams in the LeMoyne-star center block area.

I'm thinking of adding a sawtooth border with the red fabric, and another plain tan border.


SewCalGal said...

Beautiful. I like your idea of adding a sawtooth border too.

Do you recall what magazine you found this paper piecing in? I've made Feather Star quilts many years ago. A group of quilters has spoken that they want to learn paper piecing in our April meeting, so I'm trying to find a pattern that would be fun and also give them the opportunity for a nice finished piece. Had been thinking about sailboats, but I really like your Feathered Star. Beautiful.


Kristin said...

The pattern is from Quiltermaker magazine, Jan/Feb 2001. Page 25, called The Jackson Star...