Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How long can I surive without my sewing machine?

A month or two ago, my sewing machine puked out on me. Loops on the back & it had been making this terrible squealing noise when I'd go anything faster than crawling. So, knowing that the repair guy was going to be at the local quilt shop in a few days, I thought I could make it until then & bring it in. You could've just as well cut off my right arm, I felt so lost without it. Just recently our minivan was in the shop for 1.5 weeks, and I missed it far less than my sewing machine. Far, far less. I use my sewing machine every day... and the fact that I couldn't use it really got the creative juices going & I was thinking of all these things I wanted to make, but couldn't.
I finally made it to Wednesday night when the repair guy was supposed to be there, but when I got there, they told me that he hadn't come. What!?! I was just about gasping for breath.... how will I make it another day? I had used every ounce of determination to make it to now & he's not here??? Doesn't he realize that this is a crisis? It's not like I need a toaster repaired! It's my sewing machine!
So, the next day the 45-minute trip to the repair store was made, and thankfully, C could pick it up the next day. Phew! I just made it through alive. I almost bought a new one to have in the interim. My first Singer sewing machine is currently living at my sister's house, but she never caught the sewing bug like I did. I've talked her into sending it to a good home (mine!) so I can have a back-up.

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