Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mini bread loaves

I found these cute little mini bread pans today... aren't they adorable? The kids got off early from school, so I knew I wouldn't get any quilting done this afternoon... here's what I did instead. I had just seen some new recipes in the Family Fun magazine we get. These little bread pans are 1/4 of the regular size- each recipe made 4 mini loaves.

One batch was Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread, and the other was Double Apple Bread. The original recipe was for Double Apple Walnut bread, but I decided to leave out the walnuts. The recipe uses applesauce in the batter & also diced apples.

I brought them along to the Thanksgiving church service tonight & handed them out to some friends. It was so much fun giving them away.!
They were so cute on their own, but I did add a little slip telling what kind it was & a little strip of some flannel fabric (don't throw away those selvedges!!!).

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