Thursday, November 13, 2008

T-shirt quilt

I am working on making a t-shirt quilt for C's cousin and their family. They have 2 boys a bit older than ours, and they give us all their out-grown clothes. It has been so nice for us- our boys are excited to get a new bag of stuff to look through (& fight over who gets what!). They have given us so many great jeans and shirts over the years... I've been saving all the school t-shirts & am making them into a quilt to give back to them as a thank-you. We are so grateful for all the time & money that they've saved us. Clothes shopping with 2 boys is not my favorite past-time.
They never wanted even a thank-you note for the clothes, but they never said anything about a thank-you quilt! :-)

Here it is, it's not quilted yet. I hope to get that done soon. It's about 65"square- I guess kind of a throw size. The sashing & borders are flannel. I think I will do a black binding, since I have some of that fabric left.

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