Monday, November 17, 2008

T-shirt quilt & matching tote finished!

I finished the t-shirt quilt this weekend.... here it is! I did the binding completely by machine- do you know how hard it is to see black flannel binding on a black flannel background? Yikes! Anyway, I hope they like it.
I quilted this with a freehand version of my "hurricane" pattern, I thought it could stand in for the school's "comet" mascot.

And, I think I am more tickled with this than the quilt... it's a tote bag I made for the quilt out of the leftover t-shirt pieces. I just *love* how it turned out! The t-shirt fabric is fun to work with, because it doesn't unravel on the edges. I just made a simple bag & cut a 1" strip folded over in half to bind the top edge- I zig-zagged than on. Then I zig-zagged the edges of some 2" strips for the handles & sewed those on. It's so fun when I have an idea in my head, and it actually turns out like I hoped it would. What a great way to recycle all those out-grown shirts. These might even work for all the "green" grocery bags that are all the rage.


Kim S said...

T-shirt quilt and tote look great!!!


Desert Threads said...

Those turned out fabulous! Never thought to make a tote out of the leftovers!! Great idea.